What’s In The Bag: Springfest

By Sam DeBolske

Wondering what you’ll need to pack for the festival at your epic weekend in Munich for Springfest? We’re here to help. As seasoned festival goers, we’ve put together a list of the most essential things you’re going to want to pack for a day in the tents.

1. Water – No doubt you will be drinking a lot of beer, be sure to find time to drink some water! Not only will you feel better in the long run, but Springfest can be much warmer than Oktoberfest so it’s especially important to keep yourself hydrated.

spongebob water

2. Cash Money – Springfest is a bit pricey. A stein of beer in the tents costs about 10 euro, and food is no less expensive. Make sure bring cash with you and have a safe and secure place for it – better safe than sorry!


3. Phone – Getting lost in this giant festival is very easy; having a phone on you in case of emergencies is always a smart idea.

nophone gif 4. External Charger –  Your snapchats/pictures can only get better with every stein, don’t let your phone die by lunch time!

5. Camera – A new profile picture in your festive dirndl or lederhosen = guaranteed likes! An inexpensive camera would be ideal; bringing a nice camera is typically not worth the risk. Take several pictures capturing the memories you will have in Munich.

6. Selfie Stick – Whether you choose to rely on your iPhone or a disposable camera, make sure it’s compatible with your selfie stick. You’ll want to make sure you’re able to fit all of your new German friends in the same photo.

 7. Party Pants aka Dirndl/lederhosen – One of the best parts about this festival is dressing up in traditional German attire. There are several tons of shops in the Munich city center than sell these traditional German outfits. Prices vary but expect to pay around 80€ for your outfit.


7. Close toed shoes – It may be warm enough for sandals, but don’t make the mistake of foregoing comfortable boots or converse and exposing your feet to all of the broken glass that’s sure to litter the tents and festival grounds.

8. Hair Brush – you may have gone into the festival looking like Heidi, so don’t come out looking like a hot mess. A small pocket hair brush will be perfect to keep your braids looking tidy.

9. German Phrase book – It would be nice to know how to say another word besides ‘Prost!’

10. Pocket Tissues – when nature calls, you will have to answer in a toilet that will most likely not have toilet paper.


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