What To Do With The Overflow Of Clothes That Won’t Fit In Your Bag Back Home


Okay so you did a little shopping while study abroad and let’s face it, you barely made the weight limits of your checked luggage coming here. So you’re going to have to get rid of some of the clothes you own if you’re going to fit everything into one suitcase or two suitcases. Here are some tips on what to do if you’re stuck in this situation:

1. Throw Them Out

This is only a really smart idea if you’re clothes are in poor condition such as stained or ripped or ragged. There is no need to keep clothes you are already in a bad condition. Don’t carry them across the world just to throw them out at home. Make a decision about every piece of clothing you pack, ask yourself, “will I wear this again?”

2. Donate Them

Photo Source: Miss Adventures Abroad

There are some suggested places to donate your clothes if you’re studying in Florence or other Italian cities. There are dumpster-looking yellow bins to put your old clothes in, all over Florence. Just google “Re-dress” and a map of all the clothes collectors will pop up. Or click this link here to take you directly to the map of pop up bins. Another one is “L’Aurora Onlus” which is a thrift shop in the center of Florence. Just Google the address, and you’re set! 

3. Give Them To A Friend

Of course, you can always give some of your clothes to a friend who might have room in their suitcase! Or you can swap your bulky clothes for something less space-consuming clothes. Going closet shopping your friend’s closets can make for an easy way to trade clothing and save space. 

4. Last Resort: Buy Another Suitcase

This, of course, should be your last resort since you probably don’t want to pay for the extra bag at the airport. However, if you don’t want to get rid of anything because they all have special meaning, this will be your best bet. Buy your extra suitcase online for your airline, some airlines will charge more at the airport. 

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