Things To Think About Before Saying Ciao To Your Study Abroad City

Just yesterday you were weighing out your bags and saying goodbye to friends and family, and now you find yourself doing that all over again.  That’s right, after months of meeting new people, traveling foreign lands and experiencing a whole new way of life, it’s time to pay the piper and return home.  

As you can imagine, taking yourself back out of a place you’ve just started to call home isn’t easy, so when you have a moment, here are some things to reflect on before you leave.

Your New Home

Home is where the heart is, and after months of living in another city, a piece of your heart is bound to stay behind after you leave.  No doubt you’ve been through a lot during your time abroad: homesickness, culture shock, maybe you’ve even fallen in love a time or two.  Good or bad, you’ve had countless new experiences over the past few months, and your host city has been there for all of them like an old friend.  Don’t worry though, your new home isn’t going anywhere, and it will always welcome you with open arms when you’re ready to return.

The Adventure

One day you’re shredding the Alps in Switzerland, then you hop into a bath in Budapest, and why not kick back on a beach in Santorini?  You’ve had so many incredible trips that it almost doesn’t seem real.

 While your friends and family will only see your impressive collection of knick-knacks, photos and souvenirs, you’ll have memories that’ll warm you up just like that Mediterranean sun.  You’ll be nostalgic for sure, so it’ll be tempting to book the next flight back to your dream destination after a few months of being back in reality, and there’s no shame in planning now for your next grand adventure!

Saying Goodbye to Your New Friends

Ah yes, your new friends.  You thought you made friends quickly with the people in your freshman dorm, but these people are on a whole other level.  Within just a few weeks, your friends here were your go-to travel squad, new favorite drinking buddies and even a shoulder to cry on from time to time.  

You’ve probably all started talking about when your big reunion is going to be so you can party like old times, but you can’t help but worry about whether or not it’ll happen and you end up losing touch, but trust me – friends made abroad are friends for life.  You may not see them as often as you’d like, but make sure you take any opportunity you can; you’d be surprised how easy it is to talk and laugh about your crazy times together like nothing has changed. 


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