Welcome To Firenze

By Lisa Harvey

After a week in Interlaken, Switzerland for training and crashing down canyons (see previous blog), the Bus2alps Florence team was sad to leave the beautiful alps, but welcomed the sight of the red roof skyline complete with that famous dome of the duomo. This is home to us now, and we’re patiently awaiting your arrival so we can share this beautiful city for the fall. When you first get here, it’s a little intimidating; tourists flood the streets of medieval towers and wine shops the size of a closet. How do you know one street from the next? Where are the best places to go? Beside the Uffizi and The David, there are places in Florence that only the locals know and love. What about a visit to a secret bakery? Or knowing that the best time to walk Florence is at four in the morning, when the streets are clearing and you can lie in the middle of a piazza, looking up and picturing the place only lit with torches filling the holders still embedded in the stone. There is so much to do and experience in this smaller city, it’s why we love it here. And we know you will too – and we’ll help you do it.

As you step out of the cab and onto the cobblestone, remember that we are here to help get situated. Already, we’re planning fun events to  meet and celebrate new travelers like yourselves. We will have events to show you were to get the best iced coffee in Florence (and maybe even give you one for free) at Astor Cafe as well as starting off the semester with an adventure to Cinque Terre with new friends (hiking and paddle boarding, anyone?) and at night, we’ll celebrate with a few pints at our favorite Irish Pub in Florence – Lion’s Fountain. We’ll dance into the early hours at our favorite clubs and spend the morning wandering the streets, sitting by the Arno and marveling that this is our life – and now it’s yours too.

So say your goodbyes to family and friends, pick up your suitcases complete with bows and ribbons so you can find it as quickly as possible and get here. We can’t wait to begin a semester with you in the city of Firenze.

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