Week in Review



This past week with Bus2alps was record-breaking as we had one of our biggest sales to date. On Wednesday, thousands of students from all over Europe and beyond took time out of their study sessions for midterms to try to snag some ridiculously discounted spots to their favorite destinations. The server even crashed briefly as we had thousands of students logging on. It was record-breaking, and in the end, lots of speedy typers got to book trips to places like Interlaken, Prague, Vienna & Salzburg, Morocco, and Ireland for as low as 50 Euro. Huge savings.

The next day, after classes let out, over 150 students took off to the Northern Loop with Bus2alps to voyage on an amazing 10 days of seeing Europe’s top cities. Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris are all on the tour and everyone back home is anxiously awaiting the awesome stories and pictures that their traveling friends will come back with.

Over in France, students from all over Europe gathered in the City of Lights to spend 3 nights in Paris with Bus2alps. The Louvre, Elysee, Arc du Triumph, Notre Dame, and of course the Eiffel Tower were all sites to be seen this past weekend for all. Chocolate was even a special attraction as everyone took part in the Salon du Chocolat festival, which included several chocolate venues and a chocolate fashion show. Parisian high fashion mixed with rich, delectable chocolate is our kind of style.

Over in Italy, students also got their chocolate fix as they attended the final weekend of the Perugia EuroChocolate Festival with Bus2alps. Chocolate sculptors, chocolate picture frames, chocolate kebabs, and chocolate giveaways all made for a sweet time. You know what else is sweet? Free entry in all of Florence’s top museums tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th! Take some time to go check out all of the amazing exhibits you’ve been wanting to see, for free from 7pm-11pm! Museums participating in Art Tuesday include the Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Bargello National Museum, Medici Chapels, Museum of San Marco, Museum of Palazzo Davanzati, Gallery of Modern Art, and the Palatine Gallery.

We’re looking forward to getting our final beach time in this upcoming weekend in Greece, as well as another departure for the Northern Loop! Happy travels, everyone!


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