Wanderer’s Weekly Travel News (Week of August 9, 2021)


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Wanderer’s Weekly Travel News for the week of August 9, 2021

European Travel News


“Planning a trip to Europe? Here’s what to expect”

– via WTOP News

The travel editor for CBS News, Peter Greenberg, shares his insights on what to expect for your upcoming trip to Europe.

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“EU to leave safe travel list unchanged for now, official says”

– via Reuters

“The European Union will not change its safe travel list this week, an EU official told Reuters on Monday, allowing non-essential travel from the United States to continue for the time being despite a surge in COVID cases there.”

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Travel Trends News


“Europe Reopened to Americans. Why, It Asks, Hasn’t the U.S. Reciprocated?”

– via The New York Times


When will the United States open its borders to Europeans? Is the end in sight? Find out here.


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“Flying soon? Here are 7 protective items to bring amid delta variant spread”

– Via USA Today

Check out this list of the 7 essentials you need if you’re traveling soon! First on the list? Your trusty bottle of hand sanitizer.

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COVID-19 Travel News


“How Much Do COVID-19 Tests Upon Arrival Cost in Different EU Countries”

– via Schengenvisainfo.com

Taking COVID tests, even when fully vaccinated, is a normal part of travel these days. Stay informed on how much you’ll be looking to spend on COVID tests while traveling in Europe.

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“CDC adds seven destinations to ‘very high’ Covid-19 travel risk list”

– via CNN Travel

“France and Iceland are among seven destinations added on Monday to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s highest risk category for travel.

Travel should be avoided to locations carrying the “Level 4: Covid-19 very high” notice, according to CDC guidance. Anyone who must travel should be fully vaccinated first, the agency advises.”

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