Tuesday Travel Tip – It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Spring Break

In last Tuesday’s Travel Tip, I discussed the importance of planning ahead, especially when it comes to booking flights in advance for fly-in trips you know you’re going to take. And you know what? I’m not done talking about it! Muahaha. Planning ahead may seem like more work for you to do right now, but oh my Gosh it’s so much FUN! You’re planning out trips of a lifetime… without your parents. Heck yeah! One of the biggest trips you will take this semester lies in that lovely 10 day hiatus that college students all around the world rejoice in: Spring Break. I want to discuss how it’s never too early to start planning your Spring Break.

Perhaps you want to go get buck wild in Greece for 10 days exploring the beautiful beaches, ridiculous parties, ATV safaris, sea kayaking, and island hopping. Or maybe you want to hit up the Northern Loop and get cultured in Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. I know I personally am excited for Morocco Spring Break, or the Eastern Loop with Prague, Krakow, Budapest, & Munich. Regardless of where you want to go, one of the best parts about your Spring Break is that you get to spend it exploring Europe’s amazing destinations with your friends. You want to know what’s super cool? Even if you have friends studying in many different cities around Europe, you can all meet up and go on Spring Break together. Maybe your best friend is still at school back in America. Well, Best Friend can fly out and join, too! Perhaps everyone can fly into London Heathrow Airport on Sunday and begin the Spring Break voyage of London, Paris, and Amsterdam together. Oh, the reunion would be something to write home about.

So yes, you may have just gotten to your new study abroad home city, but take it from me: planning your Spring Break trip sooner rather than later will only help you. You’ll get cheaper flights, you’ll reserve your spot in the Bus2alps trips before they sell out, and you’ll have something incredible to look forward to. Spring is in the air, Happy Planning!

-Erin O’Connor


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