Traveling the unbeaten path on a budget

The following blog entry was written for the Bus2alps blog by Nisha, the the editor for Holiday365

For those bitten by the travel bug, there will never be a moment when the hunger will seem satisfied. As each region, territory and country is conquered, he or she will excitedly perform hours of online research in order to plan the next excursion.

Unfortunately, while the economy continues to struggle, rewarding oneself with a trip to Hawaii, family holiday park or an exotic destination may remain just that of a plan. More and more people have adjusted to living pay check to pay check, barely making enough to scrape by one rent and other bills are paid along with keeping nourishment on the table. This reality can be particularly devastating to the season traveller as the longing to seek newer and more daring destinations becomes replaced by the haunting thought of “I can’t afford this”.

If the traveller already has enough to make it to his or her destination, but doesn’t want to break the bank upon arrival, there are many ways to cover the basic necessities without having to sacrifice too much. If not particular about lodging, consider staying at a local hostel. Many of these places also provide their guests with a quick, take-away breakfast which will help save the traveller the cost of a pricey pastry and coffee. If opposed to the thought of a hostel, don’t pay attention to the common misconception that only 4-star resorts in Europe are the only hotels that feature private bathrooms. Thanks to the internet, it is very easy to find a hotel within budget that will also provide the basics.

Every meal does not need to take place in a restaurant. Sometimes the greatest meals will be found on the street and are perfect for grabbing while on the go to the next museum or attraction. These meals are typically cost efficient and popular with the locals meaning they must be good! After a week of chicken sandwiches off of the cart, plan a night for one special dinner with the money saved.

Travellers may spend wisely when booking a hotel or selecting a meal and, yet, will still go nuts at the souvenir stands and shops. When visiting multiple cities, it can be hard not to fall in love with everything seen and, even though he or she may only be purchasing $5.00 items, buying 20 of those can certainly impact any well planned budget. Instead, perform research and pick out one larger souvenir that is unique to area. Try to only pay cash for souvenir items and leave the credit cards for emergencies.

If staying at a hotel, ask the front desk for any coupons or discounts that they may have for museums and other tourist attractions. More often than not, they can provide the traveller with vouchers to receive access to a number of locations for the price of one and can even suggest the best, off-the-beaten path tours that are more cost-efficient than the ones that have spent thousands advertising themselves.

Even though the traveller may prefer exploring on his or her own, joining a group tour may help save money. These types of tours typically include breakfasts, some dinners and admission to many of the most popular attractions. They may also have access to sites that aren’t normally accessible to the public, giving the traveller a unique experience as well as extra money in the bank.

My name is Nisha I work as the editor for Holiday365. I have been representing the business for the last 2 years now.

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