#TravelGoals: Your Top List for 2016

By Trenna Hopson

So, it’s almost a new year and you’re probably looking back on this year thinking, “Where did 2015 go?” Let’s face it, this year has flown by. If you’re one of the lucky and dedicated few who stuck to your New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2015, then my hat is off to you. You did it! You defied all odds and stuck to that list that the majority of us either don’t make or ignored after a few days, so congratulations!


Now for the rest of you (myself included), what happened to those goals and resolutions you made last year? Maybe you didn’t bother to make any, or maybe you just didn’t stick to it. Either way, let’s not make that same mistake in 2016. With a fresh batch of 365 days ahead of us, it seems as though our possibilities are endless for what we can do and see. Why not get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of what the world has to offer by exploring some new places and experiencing some new adventures? 

When in Rome…


You know how the saying goes. As Italy’s capital, Rome is crawling with things to do and see. Visit the Colosseum and act like a gladiator for a few hours, or make your way to Vatican City and see if you can catch a glimpse of the Pope. If none of that is enough to persuade you, just remember all that happened to Lizzie McGuire just by making one wish at the Trevi Fountain… just saying.

Rock in Rio


Rio is the most visited place in the Southern Hemisphere for a reason. It has great culture, music, views, and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Not to mention it’s also the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, so that’s one more added bonus to visit in the upcoming year.

Chill in Cape Town


The New York Times named Cape Town as the top destination of 2014, and 2016 is going to be a great year to see this top destination. Cape Town has a little something for everyone. There’s the best shark diving for adventure seekers, hiking up Table Mountain for the outdoorsy people, and for those animal lovers, you can be up close and personal with penguins on Boulders Beach.  

Touch Down in London Town


So you know there’s Big Ben and the London Eye and of course the Royal Family, but do you know you can have a sleepover with dinosaurs in London? Head to the Natural History Museum and spend the night with some dinosaurs to live out your childhood fantasy. Or, if you’re into a more exciting night, head to Fabric and dance till dawn, literally… it’s open until 8 am on Sunday morning.

Drink in Dublin


Of course there’s actually more to do than drink, but did you think we could talk about any Irish city without mentioning beer? Yeah, didn’t think so. Dublin has a lot to offer though. 40% of the population is under 30, so you can feel the vibrance and energy of Dublin as soon as you set foot on the cobblestone. Filled with music, authentic pubs, tasty Irish beer, and endless possibilities to have a good time, make sure Dublin is on your travel goals list for the new year.

If you start to doubt that you can keep up these travel goals for the new year, just remember, you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce…anything is possible in the new year.


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