Travel Tip: The Name Game

by: Carrie Roberts

Let’s be real. Traveling is stressful. Buying tickets, pushing your way through train stations and airports, trying to read signs that are in another language….that can all be overwhelming. Once you get to your destination you want to RELAX, see the sights, eat some great food, and then go home. One thing that I’ve noticed that people miss out on is really experiencing their destination.

“But all that is experiencing the destination?” I’m sure you’re thinking- but what I mean is you have to experience the people as well. The people that live and work in these places are half of what make them what they are. They exemplify the culture that you observe and are therefore full of insight and mentalities that you may not expect. Their ways of life are completely different from ours so asking them about who they are and their lives will give you a much greater understanding of where you are. Gaining this insight will help you to truly and fully appreciate where you are on a much deeper level than returning home with just a camera full of pictures. Exploring the people as well as the place means you got the most out of your travels. So why not? Go on, strike up a conversation with the man selling you gelato next time, you may be pleasantly surprised :)

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