Travel Tip of the Week – The Blue Grotto

Unless you want to fight grandma for a spot in the Blue Grotto, take a private boat tour to the Island of Capri.enter blue grotto

L’Isola di Capri is one of Italy’s most renowned, and beautiful tourist attractions. This giant boulder sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean boasts beautiful coastal beaches, 2,000 foot sheer cliffs, and Roman Ibramovic’s 40 million euro castle.

The island is most known for The Blue Grotto, which, according to several reputable sources (with the exception of the great inventor, Al Gore), is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. The Blue Grotto is a narrow crevice that can be entered only by Italian Paddle Boat. Once inside, the Grotto opens up to a spacious cave (or Grotto if we are speaking Italian), decked out with Fast and the Furious style neon lights, giving the water below a fluorescent blue glow. Vin Diesel jokes aside, the water actually lights up fluorescent blue because of natural reasons (hence the Natural Wonders award).

While getting into the Blue Grotto may be a challenge (you are scurried into a four person paddle boat, made to lay down, and pulled through a narrow hole in the cliff by a boisterous Neapolitano belting out Italian songs); getting to the site is just as much an adventure. The expansive Capri public transportation system provides semi-frequent buses that push you off next to the Blue Grotto. Here, you are forced to jostle for position, often with an elderly couple, for the coveted next spot on the cramped paddle boats into the Grotto.

If you want to save yourself being pummeled by your granny, there are several boat companies that provide private tours of the island, including a stop at the Blue Grotto. You are then transferred to the paddle boats in an orderly manner, and shipped into the Blue Grotto. After visiting the Blue Grotto, you take a scenic trip around the island, visiting the Green Grotto, White Grotto, the Faraglione, and more. Sounds like our kind of time, which is probably why Bus2alps includes this….

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