Travel Tip of the Week: The best beds in Prague

Looking for a delightful repose? Check out Prague’s Mosaic Hostel, the most comfortable place to lay your head after a full night of Prague.

If you have been to Prague, then you know how it is a fairy-tale land of beautiful architecture, pulsating nightlife, and incredible bang for your buck deals. If you have not been to Prague, the myths you have heard about the aforementioned statement are true. Prague is a haven for those looking to have an incredible European vacation for a fraction of the European cost. With great deals in food, nightlife, and souvenirs also comes grand deals for accommodation.

Bohemian Hostels and the Beds and Bars Group smacked Prague right across the face with its newest chic and cheap creation, Mosaic House. Mosaic House is centrally located next to major tram lines and within a short walking distance of the hopping Wenceslas Square. That’s not enough for you? Well, then, I shouldn’t neglect the bountiful buffet breakfast, the lively Belushi’s Bar that has come to make the St. Christopher’s hostel chain paramount, the uber comfortable beds, or the modern design.

The best part about Mosaic is that this fine establishment gets you in a bed for as low as 7 Euro per night with privates for no more than 54 euro per night during high season! Do yourself a favor; Book into the greenest hostel in Europe (yes they are the first hostel in Prague to use 100% renewable-source energy) and have a splendid time in Prague while you sit back, have a burger and a beer, and watch your favorite sporting match or live band.

Book yourself into a fantastic stay here.

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