Travel Tip: Find the Silver Lining

By: Carrie Roberts, hooking us up with a short words about how to make the most of any travel scenario

The problem with travel is, nothing’s perfect. The weather may be complete crap, you may get stuck sitting next to that guy who smells like onions on the train, you may forget your jacket to keep warm….there are so many things that could go wrong. So obviously your trip is ruined, right? WRONG! Find the silver lining! Just because one thing went wrong doesn’t mean the whole trip went wrong! If the weather is awful, you still got to BE there! If you sit next to the guy that smells like onions, you have a funny story to tell later! If you forget you jacket to keep warm, oh hey look at that, perfect opportunity to buy that cute leather jacket you saw in Capri (and really, who else can say they got a leather jacket in Capri? Come on.) There is always a silver lining you just have to find it!

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