Time to hit the books! Exams! Exams! Exams!

By Julie Brierley

Okay boys and girls, as you all know exams are coming up and we need to start thinking about…. studying! I know it’s the last thing we want to think about while studying abroad but it is now October and that means time for midterms.  Yes, we are still having a great time studying abroad in our city of choice but for now we need to kick into gear and start thinking about making a studying schedule and finally getting some rest.

Here some tips that will be helpful in preparing for your exams:

1. The most important thing to remember is to go to bed at a decent time!  I know it is tempting to go to the bars and clubs with your friends, but when you are sleep deprived the day of your exams it won’t be a pretty picture and will not result with a good grade.

2. Keep your body well fed and alert. Make sure you have a hearty dinner to keep your mind off of your stomach and on your studies the night before the exam and have a heathy breakfast the day of your exam. Try to avoid junk food, soda and alcohol for a few days before the exams since they will take a physical and mental toll on your body.

3. Divide and conquer! Most students are either taking four or five courses while studying abroad. To ensure that each course gets the right amount of attention to receive a good grade organize your week so that you can spend a couple of hours here and there studying for each subject.

4. Start a study group with your classmates and friends. Having a group study motivates you to get your work done and they can support you if you’re having trouble in a specific subject.

5. Use your student resources to your advantage. Every school has a student library or course resources that are there for you to explore.

6. Take a breath of fresh air. Sometimes taking a walk outside is the best cure to get your mind off of all the stress that comes along with midterms and finals. Listen to your favorite music, the sounds of nature, or the buzz of the city and get yourself in the right mind set.

7. Celebrate once you’re done! Treat yourself to a Spritz, a glass of wine, a beer, or a nice dinner out with your friends.

Good luck and have fun!

Julie Brierley is currently interning with Bus2alps during her Fall semester abroad at AIFS Richmond.  Back in the States she attends University of Rhode Island and will be graduating in Spring 2014 with a degree in International Business.

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