This is how we start it

This past week has been consumed with new students arriving, adjusting to their cities, getting a taste of European nightlife and seeing some amazing sites.  In Rome, from seeing the Colosseum for the first time to walking through Campo di Fiori, excitement is filling the streets and students are discovering the real Roma.  It has been great discover the best local nightlife spots Rome has to offer with students from John Cabot, Temple and Loyola, we cannot wait for the summer ahead! On a personal note, we’re very excited for the penne alle vodka at our favorite place, Tony’s, and are also looking forward to our day trips to Naples and Taste ofTuscany this weekend.

Florence just had a family dinner at Gatto’s with new friends from around town including FSU, SACI, and FUA where Patricia of SACI won 50% off a trip to the fairytale city of Prague, and Austin of FSU won a free trip to Venice! The Bus2Alps Florence Squad (we’ve decided on squad for now but are open for suggestions if they sound cooler) has been at a ton of events making sure the newkids on the block feel right at home in Firenze. Through the past few days, we’ve set our sights on the upcoming summer with free iced coffee Monday at Astor, and the overcast skies only made the colors pop in Vernazza on the day trip to Cinque Terre Sunday. Tiernan led a group of twenty nine through all five towns, stopping for pesto pizza and a strange mix of hot chocolate and Pina Coladas to end the day.

Pina Coladas were flowing with the Barcelona staff trekking down the coast to help kickoff summer with our first Amalfi trip! Joined by Jill from Florence, we started off the summer session by accompanying a small but amazing group of girls that showcased their eclectic dance moves (Kerianne in particular) at the English Inn as they each took turns dancing in the center of the group. Even the Sorrento natives quickly abandoned their low-key table conversations joined the party on the dance floor. Now that the Barcelona Bus2alps staff has settled into their new apartment in the city, they are anxious and excited to start meeting newstudents, enjoying the beach, and kicking off a summer to remember. The crew is looking forward to checking out and spending time with the incoming students at all the local hotspots like Bar Dow Jones and Bo de B as well as meeting people and checking out the sites on the city’s bike tour.

After only a week, Summer 2012 has kicked off quite loverly, making us excited to see what the next 3 months have for us.

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