The Ultimate Party Weekend in Croatia

Croatia has something for everyone. We go zip lining or water rafting for a taste of adventure. The entire city of Split and the waterfalls of Krka are prime for instagram photo ops for a feed that rivals that of your favorite travel bloggers. And then, there’s the food–don’t even get us started. But what if you’re looking to relax, lounge, and have a little fun in the sun? Croatia’s picturesque landscape and thriving nightlife makes for the perfect party weekend. Couldn’t make it to yacht week? No worries. Come island hopping with us in Split!

Friday Fun:

If adrenaline inducing activities such as zip lining or water rafting aren’t for you, take a walking tour through Croatia to see the sights, then spend the rest of the day at Joe’s Beach Bar (or just head straight there from the get go). Grab a cabana to have shade on demand. You don’t want to be so sun-zapped that you can’t make it on our favorite Friday night activity! We’re going on a pub crawl that starts with an open bar power hour and will last well into the night!

Saturday Sun:

Hop aboard our island cruise. With bar on board and the best party tunes blasting from our sound system, we’re heading to the Blue Lagoon where boats dock like it’s Yacht Week so we can swim and sun. Lunch is included at a shady beach bar, and we’ll take a break to swim in the most crystal clear blue waters we’ve ever seen before we head off to our second beach location.

Sunday Funday:

Every party guy or gal needs to recover. Rest up on the bus ride to the Krka National Water Park where you’ll see the most stunning water falls. You can take a dip before grabbing a bite to eat, and then it’s back to nap again on the way home.

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