The Land of Vino

By Tena Elman

What do people think of when they think of Italy? They think of the rolling hills of Toscania, the ancient ruins in Roma, and the romantic canals of Venezia. What do all of these places have in common: wine is present everywhere! From the redwood forests, to the gulf stream waters… this land was made for red and white. (Does that even make sense? Doesn’t matter anyway… because it’s true).

Everyone dreams of coming to Italy, taking a wine tour, learning how to taste and differentiate between wines and becoming a wine guru. Studying abroad has the best opportunities for this to happen. When parents visit, students can take a weekend wine tour throughout Tuscany. When students take Wine 101 and count it as a general science so they can make sure their credits transfer to their home university, professors will most likely take the class on a tour through Chianti sampling a few different wines.

These are wonderful options, and Bus2alps also offers a couple options for students who aren’t so lucky with the first two options. Our first trip, Taste of Tuscany, takes students through Montepulciano and Montalcino, two small Tuscan towns that have their own special wines in that region. The first place we visit is a Wine Cellar that was an old torture chamber. Those two always go hand in hand, I know. The second town is what you think of when you hear “Tuscany.” The vineyard located a few kilometers outside of Montalcino has the breathtaking views of acres and acres of carefully harvested grapes that make you want to melt. At both locations, you get the true taste of Tuscany.

Our second wine day trip we offer brings you to Siena and San Gimignano. Our full wine tasting offers 8 glasses of red wine, different meats and cheeses and the most delicious lasagna meal with truffle sauce you’ll ever have (sorry, mom). But it’s true. Everyone leaves feeling giddy and silly and with a couple bottles of wine in hand. Contact one of your Bus2alps guides with any questions about any of these trips and you’ll be guaranteed a good time!

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