The Hidden Gems In The French Riviera You Never Would Have Known About If You Didn’t Read This

By Angela D’Amato

When I think of the French Riviera, I think of Monte Carlo and all of the glam that comes with it. After some intense research, I found additional places that are just as beautiful and less known. Cue the instagram posts, because you’re now an expert on the hidden gems of the French Riviera. 


Gigaro is a relaxing area with a scenic view of the Mediterranean. In Gigaro you can go snorkeling, or take a hike through the rocky coves and forests.

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Gigaro is known for its fresh seafood with two restaurants along the coast. Although Gigaro doesn’t have all the high-end stores and people like other surrounding areas it’s view is outstanding.

Sainte Agnes

Although Sainte Agnes is a well-known area, many visitors overlook the beauty that is there.

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Sainte Agnes is set up in the mountains next to the Italian border, meaning you can see some fantastic views of Italy. The streets are all cobblestone and are lined with old 15th-century buildings, making it feel like a dream.

Les Gorges de la Cagne

During the summer naturally, all the beaches near the coast are crowded with tourists and people trying to cool off from the heat.

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Not too far away from the village of Saint Jeannet, there is a swimming hole that is basically unknown to tourists meaning it is the perfect place to cool off when there is no room on the beach. Les Gorges has waterfalls and is surrounded by nature. The water is crystal clear and would make anyone happy to take a quick dip.

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This article was originally written by Angela D’Amato. Slight updates and edits were made by The Blue Crew on July 30th, 2019.

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