The Bus2alps Weekly Ride – March 9, 2011

Dear Bus2alps LTD,

We’ve officially kicked off March with our first Northern Loop Spring Break trip. This next month is going to be insane and we’re looking forward to every minute of it.

If you are still scrambling to figure out where you are going for break there is still time to check out, where there are trips for all kinds of travelers.

And if you are looking for just a weekend getaway we’ve got everything from the French Riviera, Budapest, Munich and our award winning Amalfi Coast just to name a few. So get some friends together and make it happen!

All this week, Bus2alps will be hooking you up with 5 Euro t-shirts to commemorate your time abroad. Click here for more details.

See you on the bus,
     The Bus2alps Crew

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Weekly Special

Book any two Eastern Europe trips (Prague, Budapest, or Vienna & Salzburg), and save an additional 7% off your booking.

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Upcoming Trips

Budapest – March 31 
Budapest Teaser


Take the road less traveled and experience one of Eastern Europe’s most unique cities. Bus2alps brings you to both the sides of this amazing city so you can experience its Communist past and bustling present. Check out such famous sights as the Chain Bridge, Hero’s Square, Terror House, Castle Hill, and Fisherman’s Bastion. Relax in one of the many famous thermal bathhouses of Budapest or take a cruise on the Danube River. Whatever you do, just don’t miss out on this Eastern European Gem. 




DEPARTS: Florence |  Rome


French Riviera – April 7, 14, 31  
Nice Teaser


Arguably the world’s premier summer getaway, the French Riviera’s extravagance is not to be understated. Take in the beautiful mountain views in Eze, press your luck rolling the dice and rubbing elbows with celebrities at the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco, lay by the beach in Antibes, and experience the elegance that is Nice. With so much to see and do, make sure your camera, and you, are fully charged for your relaxing weekend in the French Riviera.  




DEPARTS: Florence | Rome | Paris    



The Northern Loop / Eastern Arc March 10, 17, 24; April 1, 8, 15 

clocktower teaser


Point your compass North as you get to the bottom of the romantic, ultra-liberal, and post-communist spots of Northern Europe. Spend 10 days looping Europe’s hottest cities where you’ll dance with the Green Fairy in Prague, take in the alternative atmosphere of a city very recently divided at Berlin, soak up the eclectic vibe of Amsterdam, and be romanced in Paris. On this tour you will see everything that Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris have to offer. ‘Eastern Arc’ Trips departing Paris go to Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam.   



DEPARTS: Florence | Rome | Paris  


The Northern Loop with Bus2alps 

The Northern Loop with Bus2alps 

Athens & The Isles / Greece Getaway Spring Break
– March 18, 25

Cruise away for either 7 or 10 days of sun, beauty, partying, culture, and history in the Grecian locales of Corfu, Athens, and also Santorini if doing Athens & The Isles. Soak up the sun at the world-famous Pink Palace on the island of Corfu where you will enjoy a toga party, traditonal Greek plate smashing, and more. Next, engage yourself in the history of Athens where you will marvel at the Acropolis and take in the busy city culture. Lastly, for those doing Athens & The Isles jump into the postcard views of Greece’s idyllic island of Santorini. Enjoy the white and blue cliffside buildings and gorgeous sunsets before cruising the Adriatic back home.  



DEPARTS: Florence | Rome | Prague | London



Greece Getaways with Bus2alps 

Greece Spring Break with Bus2alps    




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Travel Tip of the Week

Grab a baguette, a bottle of wine, throw on your Beret and head to Sacre Coure for the best sunsets in Paris. 

Upcoming Events


3/9-10 – March Madness T-Shirt Sale
Buy our exclusive Bus2alps tees for only 5 euros! To buy one come to the Boston Travel office from 12-6pm or meet us for dinner at Il Gatto e La Volpe tomorrow night from 8 on.


3/8-10 – March Madness T-Shirt Sale
Buy our exclusive Bus2alps tees for only 5 euros! To buy one come to Tony’s Tuesday tonight from 8-10pm or meet us at Friend’s Cafe on 3/9 or 3/10 from 10:30-4pm.


3/9-11 – March Madness T-Shirt Sale
Buy our exclusive Bus2alps tees for only 5 euros! To buy one come to George Payne’s from 1-5pm.

Other Departure Cities

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Save money when booking your next Bus2alps trip by taking advantage of our package discounts:

Book two different trips together and receive 5% off your total purchase or book three different trips together and recieve 7% off your total purchase.    

Group discounts are also available for groups of 10 or more. Contact a friendly Bus2alps Crew member for details and a special 5% off discount code for all other trips.





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Bus2alps Contests

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Bus2alps has two semester-long contests that allow you to earn free travel and cash for sharing with the community why you ride with Bus2alps.

Check out the Bus2alps Why We Ride Video and Blog Contests for details. 


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