The Bus2alps Weekly Ride – Jan 19

The spring 2011 semester has officially begun and the Bus2alps crew is geared up and ready to go. So, fasten your seatbelts becuase you’re in for the ride of your life! Our schedule this spring is jam-packed with non-stop action and fun. From skydiving to cliff jumping, to strolling some of Europe’s most historic cities, Bus2alps has got just what you need! 

This spring Bus2alps has loads of new trips departing all across Europe, bringing together long-last friends from home studying in different cities across Europe. Students in Florence, Rome, Paris, Prague, Barcelona, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid and more will have the opportunity to join up for Europe’s best trips to places like Munich Springfest, Interlaken, Amalfi Coast.

Upcoming Trips

Bus2alps is rolling into the semester with trips to:

Bus2alps Weekly Special

Don’t know your schedule for the semester just yet? Buy a gift voucher for 5% off its retail price. Vouchers can be used as cash to book any Bus2alps trip and can be combined with any gift code.

Buy Bus2alps Trip Voucher Here

Looking to save some extra money when booking your Bus2alps trip?

Take advantage of our package discounts:

  • Book two different trips together and get 5% off or book three different trips together and recieve 7% off.
  • Group discounts are also available for groups of 10 or more. Contact a friendly Bus2alps Crew member for details and a special 5% off discount code for all other trips.

Bus2alps Weekly Event Winners

Congratulations to the following people for winning the experience of the semester with Bus2alps.


  • Alex F. – 50% off Interlaken
  • John C. – FREE trip to Interlaken
  • Marko P. – 50% off Greece Easter
  • Honor C. – FREE trip to Interlaken
  • Kaylie J. – 50% off Munich
  • Ryan U. – FREE trip to Interlaken
  • Gina P. –  25% off any trip
  • Meagan . – 50% off Prague


  • Cole P. – FREE trip to French Riviera
  • Matt J. – FREE trip to Florence & Tuscany
  • Daniel W. – 50% off any trip
  • Laura P. – 50% off any trip


  • Kristina Woodmansee – FREE trip to Interlaken

Bus2alps Weekly Travel Tip

The earlier you book the more you save! Most airlines, especially discounted airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet, offer the first few seats on their seats at a heavily discounted price. 

Share your travel tips with the study abroad community on the Bus2alps Fan Page.

So what are you waiting for? Head to and book your first trip today!

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