The 20 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, and Barcelona

Our Western Loop trip takes you to 5 countries and 5 cities in only 10 days. It’s a whirlwind trip, so you’ve obviously gotta pause every now and then to grab a shot for Instagram! Below, we’ll list 20 of our favorite photography locations.


1. Checkpoint Charlie


During the cold war, this was the best known checkpoint to cross from the East of Berlin to the West of Berlin before the fall of the Berlin wall and the unification of the city. Now, a popular tourist destination, it’s fun to pose and snap a photo to commemorate your ability to travel freely through the city.

2. Eastside Gallery

The East Side Gallery is an incredible open-air art installation, consisting of a series of murals along a 4,318 ft remnant of the Berlin Wall. According to the artists involved in the project, the gallery was to be understood as a monument to the fall of the wall. It makes for photos that POP, especially if you find a particular mural that speaks to you!

3. Brandenburg Gate

One of the best known landmarks in all of Germany. Need we say more? Ok fine, we will. History lesson for you: it was built on the site of the former city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg an der Havel, and it is an 18th century neoclassical monument.

4. The Berlin Tower


More fun facts! The Fernsehturm is not only the tallest structure in Germany, it’s also a functioning TV and radio station tower with several operating stations inside. Beyond that, it’s climbable! Purchase tickets to go to the top and you’ll get 360 degree views of Berlin!


5. The canals on the Amstel River


Anywhere in Amsterdam is a ‘gram opportunity. Post up beside a bicycle–they’re everywhere–and have a friend grab a shot.

6. Outside the Van Gogh Museum

You study abroad, so you’re artsy now. Even if you don’t get a chance to go inside (which you should, honestly!), snap a pic to share to Instagram to show the world just how cultured you are!

7. The Heineken Experience

There’s beer. It’s an experience. Take a pic.

8. The De Gooyer Windmill


Amsterdam is in Holland, and Holland is known for windmills right? Grab a shot of the tallest wooden mill in the entirety of the Netherlands. It’s a national monument and was built in the 16th century (but moved to this location in 1814) and was even functional during WWII to mill corn for the city.


9. All The Food

Throwback to the days of when instagram was only pictures of the food you ate. Belgian waffles, pommes frites, belgian beer, belgian chocolate. Ok, Go!

10. Bruges Canals

Bruges is often referred to as the Venice of the North! Grab a Canal shot, just to add to the list you’ve now got from Amsterdam.

Photo taken by  Canal in Bruges


11. The Louvre

Recreate the Beyonce video in the world famous Louvre, or hop on top of a friend. Your call.

12. Eiffel Tower

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Did you come to Paris? Or did you come to Paris? Pics or it didn’t count! Grab a shot while picnicking near by, pose, get up close, or climb to the top for incredible views of Paris. You really can’t go wrong!

13. Outside Moulin Rouge

14. From the top of Sacre Coeur


More city-wide views of Paris. You can’t get enough of ’em!

15. Versailles Palace


Pretend you’re Marie Antoinette and live the life of luxury!

16. Streets of Montmartre


On your way up to Sacre Couer, you’ll wind through the charming cobblestones streets of Montmartre. It doesn’t get more photographable than this!

17. Inside the Musée d’Orsay


Remember the movie Hugo? Recreate the scene of him in front of the big clock, and while you’re there make sure to check out the Degas! (Cultured, artsy now . . . remember?)


18. La Sagrada Familia:

Inside and out, La Sagrada Familia is jaw-dropping. Grab a shot first from far away across the pond, then get close up. Inside, look up! You’ll be astounded!

19. Anything by Gaudí

This is like 5 different ones, but anything by Gaudí, especially Park Güell. For those looking for something more unique, another Gaudí design is the Casa Vicens located in Gràcia neighorhood and is a UNESCO Heritage Site that only opened to the public in 2017

20. The swing at Mirador d’Horta


Okay, honestly? We saved the best for last! How incredible does this look? Flying high over the sky at sunset looking over all of beautiful Barcelona. Incredible!

Ready to go on the trip of a lifetime? Learn more about our Western Loop here.

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