Spring & winter breaking made easy

With just a few bookings shy of our 10,000th traveler, it’s safe to say we know how to navigate Europe. Nearly 10,000 of you have joined us to toga party in Greece, cliff jump in Positano, dance with the green fairy in Prague, skydive in Interlaken…and you’re hungry for more.

Well your wish is our command. Queue the star spangled banner, because Bus2alps is bringing the party to the USA. We’re kicking the winter blues to the curb in January with ski trips to Killington and Mont Tremblant. And if the slopes you crave are in the Swiss Alps (it’s okay to brag), come to Interlaken with us. No matter what continent you call home, you can join us on any of our trips, anywhere. We’re just as excited as you are to see the world, so we make it easy for you to join us wherever you are on the globe.

When you’re at school, you’re always looking forward to breaks. Fall break, winter break, and the king of them all, spring break. This fall we’re giving students a 10-day escape to Europe’s hottest cities in the London, Florence, Rome, Milan, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. And for those who want to prolong summer, 10 days of sun, sand, and toga parties in Greece should do the trick.

Sun, sand, parties. If these three elements are how you define spring break, than look no further than Greece. Cancun’s got nothing on the beaches of Santorini and the nightlife in Corfu, plus you’re much less likely to be surrounded by the Girls Gone Wild film crew.

The Eat, Pray, Love craze is taking over the world, and we’re jumping on the Eat bandwagon with a spring break trip to the Best of Italy… from the architecture of Rome to the history of Florence, the gondolas of Venice to the fashion of Milan. I’m salivating just thinking about it. And even though the Love part is about Indonesia, we all know the city of love is Paris. We love Paris so much, we’re offering two spring break trips that explore Mona Lisa’s digs.

The first is the Northern Loop, which hits Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris in a whirlwind tour of European history, culture, and nightlife. London calling? No worries, we’ve got a 3-city spring break (London, Paris, and Amsterdam) starting at the home of Big Ben. Check out the changing of the guards in the UK capital, the illuminated Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the breathtaking canals of Amsterdam.

Fall breaks to Northern Loop and Greece kick off in a couple weeks (ride with us, there’s still room), but we’re already gearing up for springtime. It’s never too early to plan spring break, so we’re giving you 10% off your trip when you book before Thanksgiving.

The breaks may be few, but the destinations are endless.

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