Southern Spain, I Just Can’t Quit You

By Mel Faxon

So I’ve been hating on Spanish cuisine a little bit. After spending a summer eating some of the best cuisine France had to offer, adjusting to a diet with staples such as fried potatoes with mayonnaise and ham was slightly depressing. I was beginning to think that I was doomed a palate of bland fried food for the rest of my time here, and then this weekend I went to Southern Spain.

There is definitely a reason why Sevilla is known for its tapas (besides being the origin of the dish). I didn’t eat a bad thing while I was there. From the smoked salmon, avocado and tomato salad for lunch, the unreal quail and ratatouille tapa at Panduro, or even just the best Spanish tortilla I’ve ever consumed as a small snack, this food left me at a loss for words.
Taberna el Panduro has won the award in Sevilla for the best tapas for a couple years running now, and it wasn’t hard to taste why. With a green “creamy” risotto, the best Tuna Tataki in the world, and the most wonderfully juicy swordfish, this place is as much of a must-see as the Plaza de Espana.
Add in the largest cathedral in the world, Las Setas, and one of the largest “old towns” in Europe, Sevilla is the most beautifully delicious city in Spain.
Combine this with Granada, where it is a law that if you order a drink in a restaurant, they have to give you free tapas, and Southern Spain is my new favorite place in the world. Leaving this morning was a conscious mental strain, and I will be dreaming about The Land of the Tapas until my next visit.
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