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Technology: Awesome Social Travel Apps Part 1

As a backpacker, we know that you need to pack light. We also know that you’re trying to keep your wallet from becoming too light – if it isn’t already. Lucky for you, there are a lot of awesome, cheap (if not downright free) social travel applications out there that can be uploaded directly to your iphone or smart phone and enhance your trip without expanding your travel backpack.
Read on to see what creative, cool things can happen when you blend social media with technology and travel:

1. Gogobot
For when you forgot to send your Grandma a postcard, or don’t have the money to buy one, or the patience to find a post office…

Gogobot is pleasantly overambitious in its application offerings.
What the Gomio Team finds most valuable about Gogobot is the application tool that allows you to create and share travel postcards online for free. Users simply upload the travel photo that they want to use, select one of the pre-made postcard layouts, and then choose from a range of photo effects that will keep any Instagram fan satisfied. After that, you can send your personalized postcard online via Gogobot or Facebook to loved ones without the hassle of sending a generic postcard via snail mail.
However, Gogobot simultaneously serves to help travelers have fun while organizing their trips, and makes it easy to create a simple itinerary of destinations you know you want to explore. Pick a place, add it to your “My Trip” list, and then add on things to do, places to say, and restaurants to eat at, all based on other travelers´ ratings. Moreover, dreamers can put together their dream trip in the safety of a cyber-space “wish list,” the experienced can keep track of their past travels by documenting it on their online “passport”, and loved ones can stay in the loop with your whereabouts.

2. Tripline
The easy answer for when you return home and they ask – “So how was your trip?” or “So where have you been?” As a writer, I can’t help but get excited about this social travel app; and other writers will agree that it’s the perfect tool to feed our pre-disposed narcissism. Geography and history buffs will likewise be able to share in my excitement, but for different reasons.
Travelers use Tripline to create interactive maps of their past, present, and future travels to share with their friends and family, or just to live their travels again! While the application maps an animated “trip line” that follows your sequential stops around the city, country, or world, it also allows you to upload pictures, albums, videos, and write descriptions of your adventures for each destination. By the time you add in your choice of music, the final product results in an engaging, visual presentation and all-encompassing story of your travels.
It can be difficult to dictate all that you’ve seen and experienced when you return home from a long bout of world traveling. But Tripline makes it easy for you to be your own historian. Plus the multi-media video and timeline of your trek looks and reads a lot more epic then if you were to try and explain to someone where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing for the past however-many weeks, months, or years.

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