Shhh it’s a secret.

By Dean Speer

So I’m sure many people in Florence have heard under hushed breathes about the glorious and elusive secret bakeries that are jotted around the city, some say there are 3-4 others say 5 but in actual fact no one really knows. The first time I went there was after numerous dragoons and the smell alone on the way there made my knees wobble.

I personally only ever visit the one bakery which is behind Red Garter and normally get one chocolate croissant and one creme croissant for the insanely low price of 2 euro. The deal with the bakery is they make all the pastries for the whole city then drop them off at cafe’s and other places, so when you turn up with your nose leading the way you get handed a fluffy, soft and just the right temperature piece of art which you do not want to devour but before you realize that its to late and you have half of it all over your face.

I am going to make it my mission in the next couple of weeks to get myself to the remaining secret hideouts and abuse my waistline even more than I already am, I have also been taking people there after nights out which goes against the Secret Bakery rules “Don’t talk about secret bakery” so if you do not see my blog post next week you know why. I have been topped off by the master bakers of Florence and disposed of as not to reveal their secrets.

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