Save the skips for trips!

by Lauren Foley

You’re finally abroad! It’s time to embrace all that is Europe and with that all that is travel. Your dream trip to Greece or Paris awaits you…but only if you plan smart. Don’t get stuck missing out because you have skipped too many classes. Regardless of what your schedule is most programs allow you to miss a certain number of classes and after the allotted number is used grade reductions will be made.

You are abroad. You will go out to the wee hours of the morning. You will wake up hung over. Suck it up and don’t ever skip class for these reasons. That’s what Starbucks is for. When you are riding camels in Morocco, chilling around the Eiffel Tower, or island hopping in Greece you will be happy you used your allotted skips for trips and not nursing a hangover. Ciao.

No matter how much they struggled, they never would have missed a class they didn't have to

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