Real Travelers Wear Pink

How awesomely beautiful and wondrous a playground this is. The Pink Palace is a true complex of fun, sun, games, and traveler hedonism. I find Corfu to be one of the most unique Greek islands, looking so pre-historic you wonder when you will catch a T-Rex bounding over the mountainside, sending Agios Gordios beach into disarray.

The trip kicks off with an over-night ferry cruise across the Adriatic, complete with its own night club. With endless amounts of food, drinks and 450 other students excitement and anticipation captivates the voyage.

Upon arrival on the Pink Palace bus, the opportunities at The Pink Palace are abundant, allowing you to have a unique experience, regardless of your tastes. It is renowned for its incredible party atmosphere, and openness however, I have always found it easy to escape the insanity and slip into relaxation: disappear to the Palace’s private beaches, balconies, sundecks, or the Jacuzzi and experience a whole another side of Corfu.

If your mood is calling for a little more excitement, then you can rock the ATV-Safari, bringing you in tune with the island’s beauty, and simplicity of the locals. If speed is not your thing, slow down with a game of volleyball, basketball, kayak, or take a day trip to Corfu town.

A weekend here leaves you continuous opportunities to rock-out, and make some new friends. If it is possible to pull your face off the pillow early enough, you can hop on the Boat/Booze Cruise dance the day away while working on your tan and swimming in the ocean…it’s the perfect setting to let loose.

Later you can spend the night impressing your friends with the most creative toga at the Pink Palace Pink Toga Party. Full of Greek antiquity and spliced with modern entertainment, the toga party revs up an incredible night, complete with authentic Greek dancing, an Ouzo fire circle, and traditional Greek plate smashing.

Corfu, Greece is as mind numbing a party, or relaxing, panoramic haven as you so choose it to be. Just think of the fun times you are given when you join 450 American college students embarking on the closest experience to a Mexico spring break they will have while studying abroad? What happens when these 450 Americans are put on a 14 hour boat ride where the only things to do are make new friends and spend all night clubbing? What happens when the place you are taking them has tons of fun sports activities, a 6pm-11pm happy hour with 1 Euro beers and shots, optional booze cruises, an out-of-control toga party complete with Greek dancing and plate smashing, and a hot tub that is really a hot swimming pool? I’ll let you create your own comparisons. I would like to think it is similar to how the inventor of the board game Candy Land envisioned the world with the incredible scenery of Jurassic Park as the backdrop, sans dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum.

It is amazing how the Pink Palace never ceases to amaze me. In my seven times here, once as a student, and six more as a tour guide, I have yet to be provided a stay that has not resulted in both exhilarating chaos and extreme relaxation. As I cruise away from this Greek isle I find myself smirking with always the same question on my mind…”did that really just happen?”

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