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Promoters Edition April 2009

As the spring 2009 semester winds down we first want to thank all of our amazing promoters for making this the most successful semester in the 10 years of Bus2Alps!This semester we have given away more than 20 free trips and some promoters walked away with over 2000€ in commission. Now we want to welcome the over 50 new promoters who have signed up to get the Summer and Fall 2009 semesters underway.
With promoters stationed from Honolulu to Toronto, New York to LA we have our basis covered in North America and we are excited to get the ball rolling for the upcoming semesters.
Last semester we had over 30% of our trips purchased before students even arrived to their study abroad programs in Europe so now is the time to get the word out about bus2alps and our book early advantages.
We will continue to keep you posted and as always the B2A Promoter Army are the first to know and the first to reap the benefits of bookings.

Vanessa Latessa
Bus2Alps Ltd.

Summer 2009 Beaches and Alpine Adrenaline

Most of the summer 2009 schedule is already online.
Trips include:
Italy’s spectacular Amalfi coast for some beautiful beaches, boat rides, and limoncello tastings and historical ruins. Check out the street view here.

European adventure capital Interlaken,
for canyoning, rafting, paragliding, skydiving,
high ropes course all set in the amazing Swiss Alps.
Check out the action here

With more to come in the next weeks so check your in boxes as you will be the first to hear about the Cinque Terre and Como weekends for this summer.

Fall 2009 Get Ready Early

Our entire Fall schedule will be online by the end of May.
Now is the perfect time to do some investigating and networking. Find out who is going abroad this Fall.
Start compiling a contact list and give them a heads up about the following:
1. Booking early saves heaps of cash, some trips are even half price first come first serve.
2. Plan their semester it flies by and trips sell out fast.
3. Get great discounts for booking multiple trips at once.
4. Using a Promoter Code gets them 5% off every booking (that’s why they book with you)
5. contact you for the insider tips (make sure you know what you are promoting)

Any Questions?
Please contact us with any questions, comments or ideas. We love to hear from you and look forward to another great semester!

Bus2Alps Ltd.

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