Oktoberfest A – Z

This blog entry was originally written and published on Ubumm, your go-to advisors for study abroad. Below you can find the A to Fs of Oktoberfest. Check out the Ubumm site To see the entire Bus2alps alphabet soup of the biggest party of the year. Check them out as they have tons of great information you should know before headed abroad. 


  • If you’re not studying in Munich, you’ll probably take a train or fly in for the festival. The airport’s abbreviation is MUC.  Munchen Hauptbahnhof is the primary train station, and it’s located conveniently near Marienplatz.  How to get from the airport to the city center?  Take the S-Bahn (S1 or S8) to Munchen Hauptbahnhof; it runs every 10 minutes.


  • The best way to see the whole city in a short amount of time, plus the guides are always entertaining.  Check out Frankie’s Bike Tours or Mike’s Bike Tours for some good jokes along the way, too.


  • Hostels are great, there’s no question about it, but camping is a totally unique option for the world’s biggest party weekends.  The shenanigans start in the morning before you hit the festival and end at night when you stumble back.


  • Looking for something historical and meaningful for your weekend?  Head to Dachau concentration camp.  It’s a short ride by metro and then bus.  Join a tour in English at 11 or 1 for just €3.


  • Your weekend at Oktoberfest is a marathon, NOT A SPRINT!  We repeat: NOT A SPRINT!  You’ll feel great after one stein as you sit at your table, and phenomenal after two.  But wait til you stand up.  Remember that you’ll need to be cognizant enough to make it back to your room or tent.  German beer is stronger than you’re probably used to.


  • While it’s true that you visit Oktoberfest with dreams of drinking, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the food.  Pretzels as big as your head and hearty sausages are abundant.  And make sure to try schweinhaxe (pork knuckle) for an Bavarian feast.


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