#nowyouknow: Croatia

Croatia is one of those destinations that has been gaining some major popularity in the past few years.  And for good reason!  The beaches offer crystal clear water, the food is delicious and the people are attractive.  In addition, there’s a chance for some adventure with river rafting along the Cetina River, taking an island tour and swimming in the Krka Waterfall.  Let’s just say cover photos will be in order.  Get your weekly fill of #nowyouknow for Croatia.


  1. The first ever Ultra Europe music festival was held in Croatia this summer, July 2013
  2. The White House was built from stones from the island of Brac, Croatia.
  3. The official language of Croatia is written in Latin script.
  4. The currency of Croatia is the Kuna.
  5. Croatia was founded in the first half of 7th century, on the ruins of the Roman Empire.
  6. The Dalmatian dog breed, also known as the Dubrovnik hunter, originally came from Dalmatia.
  7. In Croatia, people can start voting at the age of 16, if they have a job, but have to wait until they turn 18, if they are unemployed.
  8. Croatia gained independence from Austria-Hungary in October 1918 and declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
  9. The population of Croatia is about 4.4 million people.
  10. If you’re in the mood for some royal stalking, Prince Harry vacations in Split, Croatia.

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