Not So Fashionable Italian Fashion Trends

By Michelle LaPorte

Coming abroad we have all been told things we should and shouldn’t wear so we don’t appear too “American”. Everyone has told us how “fashionable” the Italians are and how we’ll go home with an all new wardrobe and a vastly improved sense of style. My response to that is agree to disagree. On what planet is a teeny, tiny Speedo fashion forward? If dressing American is wrong then I don’t want to be right. I like my style and feel comfortable in what I wear. I wont let social norms here control me.  Here are just a few examples of Italian looks that I simply cannot get down with.

1. Black bubble jackets. I’m sorry, but a shiny black bubble jacket in 75 degree weather is just not fashionable. Actually, let’s call a spade a spade. Black shiny bubble jackets aren’t cool in any weather.


2. Deep, deep V-necks. I don’t care how blasted and sculpted your pecks are, deep V-necks are the least masculine thing you can wear. Maybe besides a skirt and pantyhose.


3. Speedos. This item does not need words. If you’re not in an Olympic race, cover it up.


4. Pants in the summer. You know how I automatically know if someone I see on the street is European? If it’s 90 degrees and they’re wearing pants. It’s like they’re immune to heat. I just don’t get it. Maybe our giveaway is cut off denim shorts and strapped tank tops, but I think me having back sweat and swamp ass is even more offensive.  So, let me blast bare shoulders in peace.

5. WAY too much makeup. I can’t help but notice Italian girls wear too much eyeshadow and blush. I do love Kiko makeup, but I’ll stick to my neutral greys, tans and browns. Electric blue eyeshadow just isn’t my thing.


6. Tight jorts. I’m not talking about girls in tight jean shorts; that’s fine.  Men on the other hand; not fine. It seems to be the common bottom of choice among a lot of the Italian gentlemen.  I personally prefer loose, khaki shorts.


7. Shirt with silly English phrases. Remember when shirts with silly phrases like “Everyone loves an Irish girl”, and “Naughty or nice?” were popular in the States about 15 years ago? They’re still cool here. The best part is most of them don’t even make sense.


Don’t get me wrong, a large amount of Italians dress beautifully and have a great sense of style and I’ve bought my fair share of clothes in Europe, but these are just a few of my fashion bugaboos.

Moral of this blog. Wear what makes YOU comfortable.  If you love your Reef flip-flops, wear them. If it’s 100 degrees and you want to wear a tube top and cut off shorts, just do it.  If it’s torrential downpour and you think you need some rain boots, who cares? The fact of the matter is be you and be true to your personal style and you’ll always look awesome.

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