New life in Interlaken

By Kelsey Flanigan

I like to do one thing everyday that scares me, big or small.  I went to Interlaken, Switzerland this past weekend and did just that – in a big way.  I jumped off a canyon 90 meters above a small and narrow gorge with only a harness around my body.  I essentially free fell a football field length.  And it was the most exhilarating experience of my life.  A group of 12 were picked up at my hostel Balmers Herbage and were taken about 30 minutes up the mountain.  On the way there we were given a beer, to somehow help our crazy nerves.  Then when we made it to the top, we were given our harnesses, but before that we were read our contract, that began like this:

“I, the undersigned tourist, admit that I have lost all touch with reality in that I have paid good money to have some crazy Swiss who I have never met before, put a harness on me with nothing more than two tiny climbing ropes, so that I may throw myself off a little platform 90 meters above a small narrow gorge”

After that fall I felt like I could do anything.  As cliche as it sounds, it’s true!  After this weekend I can’t wait to try skydiving or bungee jumping, no limits!

Interlaken is the place where you can get your rush in adventure activities, you can lose yourself on a hiking trail or bike trail (or no trail at all) or you can get in touch with yourself by sitting in silence and reading a book on the lake or in Balmer’s hammock room.  It is the place for anyone and everyone looking to get in touch with themselves and nature.

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