Must Do’s Before Leaving America

It’s that time.  The summer sun is fading and we’ve seen your Facebook posts that you are ready to start your European adventures. Pronto.  Yes, yes, we know you’re excited – but do take some time for those of us that miss the things you take for granted in the good ol USA and make sure to do a few things that you won’t be able to do here.  Ever.

1.      Have a bonfire, make s’mores, and look up at the stars.  Europeans slack on the marshmallow front.

2.      Enjoy the feeling of carpet under your feet.  Odds are your apartment won’t have it here!

3.      Watch your favorite show on a TV instead of your laptop!

4.      Play with your pets. Once you get here, you’llbe watching every dog that walks by and want to pet it so much it hurts.  Skyping your pets isn’t as fun as it sounds.

5.      Appreciate lines for things. Much better than the groups that form here.

6.      Use your dishwasher.

7.      Call your bank and make sure that they know you’ll be heading abroad. That way your cards won’t get blocked when you really need that 20 Euros to get that awesome souvenir.

8.      Make sure you have a stock of any products you can’t live without – we know deodorant over here isn’t the same at home. Bring tons of it. You’ll look silly in the airport, but at least you won’t be smelly.

9.      Eat foods you’ll miss. Go to a restaurant and chug all the free tap water you can. Eat peanut butter, mac and cheese, Doritos, cheezits, goldfish, and go to Dunkin Donuts (or your local donut shop) and get the biggest iced coffee/smoothie you can plus a bagel with cream cheese and savorrr it.

10.  Wear your PJ’s out to the store – european fashion won’t allow it later on

11.  Make sure your camera works and you have more than one card to use on it (if you’re on a long trip, it may fill up!)

12.  Appreciate the fact you can ask directions and immediately understand the response.

13.   Appreciate dollar bills instead of coins. Your wallet is about to get much heavier.

14.  Get some kind of folder/wallet to carry trip tickets and your passport. Having all of your travel documents in one accessible place when traveling makes it much easier.

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