Keeping you in the Northern Loop- Prague

Midterms have ended. Let that small sentence reverberate in your skull for a little bit, it carries a lot of weight. It means you spent a lot of time studying, writing, practicing and wishing that it would all just come to a screeching halt. Well, it finally has. And you’ve finally hopped aboard with Bus2alps to have the best 10 days of your life on fall break!

It is an amazing trip ahead of us. But it all started with a flight or a 15 or 12 hour drive from Rome or Florence, respectively. We readjusted neck pillows and popped off our shoes for a trek that took us to Bohemia, the Czech Republic that is. Our first stop for the Northern Loop fall break trip is the freshly revolutionized city of Prague.


We checked into the Czech Inn (tehehe) and headed out for a city tour with New Europe, a professional walking tour company. The local tour guides showed us around the city and gave us a history lesson in the country’s complicated past of political loyalties and its recent Velvet Revolution.

The Old Town Square took our breath away.


And so did the Clock Tower Pub Crawl we hopped on that night. It took us to some of the coolest bars in the city. Like Propaganda, a hip cave-style bar dripping in Banksy inspired art pieces and sarcastic communism themed portraits.


Oh, and the beer was pretty cool too. Beer is cheaper than water in Prague, you know. And the Czech Republic has the highest rate of beer consumption per capita.

With our Bus2alps walking tour the following day took us to one of the greatest works of Gothic architecture, the Prague Castle.


And then to the John Lennon Wall a graffitied, breathing symbol of the youth’s revolt against political oppression.




We then walked across the famous Charles Bridge to a traditional Czech meal. Czech food is heavy and usually consists of potatoes, meats, cheeses and beer in some variety.

After a day of exploring the Bohemian city center and a dancing the night away at Lucerna (an ’80s and ’90s club), we departed for Berlin for the next leg of our Northern Loop trip!

All of the pictures from the Northern Loop trip will be posted on the Bus2alps Facebook after it’s over. However, we will be posting some pictures on this blog to keep you in the loop!

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