It’s never too early to think about the powder

The surf is up, the sun is hot, and the beach beckons. Yet, I still can’t get my head away from the mountains. Even in the summer, I see the snowcapped peaks of the Alps and the Laurentines and think, damn, I couldn’t imagine a life where when the warm glow cools down I didn’t have something even more epic to look forward to.

Even though we are loving Amalfi, Croatia, and the Jersey Shore right now, we are already day dreaming of crushing powder and owning the après-ski with our new Ski Weeks to Mt. Tremblant Collegefest and to the Swiss Alps.

When I was in college I took 2 organized ski trips (well three if you count our small day trips to Hunter). One was to Interlaken with Bus2alps, and the other was through the Marist College Ski Club to Mt. Tremblant. Without the crazy parties, the comical rides on the gondola, and the fun new people to meet, it would have just been another day on the mountain.

We love skiing and snowboarding with you all so much,  which lead us to our monumental new idea for Winter 2012-2013. To bring the mountain, and the group experience to more than just our Interlaken weekend, because let’s be serious, one weekend of extreme beauty, Jungfrau Tipi Bar, and Balmer’s fun is not enough.

2012 will be remembered as the year Bus2alps became more than just Bus2alps. We are not flying to the Alps, and bussing to the Laurentines. Trips to Mt. Tremblant Collegefest depart by awesome party bus (I drove and which I didn’t) from New York City and Boston and all points along the way. Trips to our Swiss Alps Adventure depart from anywhere in the world. Hop a flight from Chicago, Los Angeles, hitchhike from Moscow, or meet us from Cairo. Just get here because it’s time to shred!

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