In Europe? Make Sure Not To Miss Out On These Places

By Boyana Georgieva

1. Barcelona, Spain

When I try to describe this city to my friends who have not been there before I describe it as the “city of sun”. If you go to Barcelona on a beautiful day, there is no way that you will not love it. It has amazing white sand beaches with places to lay out and tan, get drinks or play volleyball. The night life, as many say, is one of the best in Europe, especially among the beach clubs where people stay out and dance the night away until 7 in the morning as a rule.


2. Split, Croatia

Just went there this past weekend and it was one of my favorite trips ever! Croatia in general is underrated, and not a place everyone has right on top of their travel destination list. In the past 15 years, however, tourism has been developing greatly in Croatia and for a good reason. Split, the tourist capital of the country, is a little piece of heaven on earth, and highly exceeds all expectations. Unknown to most, it is the place with the oldest Roman ruins present to this day – The Diocletian Palace.  The best part of it is that you can go out to dinner or walk around right in the middle of it where the Roman emperor came to rest for his vacation. The port in Split is practically all full because of the many boats parked there ready to be used by their owners, or random tourists like us! At night it is an incredible sight with all the lights reflecting into the water. And on top of everything, Croatians might be the nicest people I have ever met.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Everybody loves Prague! I loved it even before I went because my Dad had told me that they have the best beer in the entire world, which the Czech people regard to as their national treasure. Once I went I loved it even more – Prague is like a fairy tale, everything from the architecture to the atmosphere reminds you of it.  The Charles bridge is beautiful, and the walk around Prague is full of surprises. The Prague Castle is looking over the city, and defines its landscape.


4. Interlaken, Switzerland

This place is perfect for two completely different spectrums of the tourist life – the relaxing and calming, clean-air and perfectly ordered atmosphere of the Alps, and the adrenaline adventures that the city provides.  There is canyoning, canyon jumping and white water rafting. And of course, skydiving – something I myself have not done but if you’re into that, the beautiful Alps are the best place to do it. I am more of a ‘paragliding’ person when you can enjoy the views for a longer amount of time.

5. Cinque Terre, Italy

If you are in Italy, you cannot miss out on this place. I have been there many times, and every time I discover something new amazing about it. It directly translates into the “Five Cities” from Italian, and it is really 5 small cities built into the rocks right next to the sea that are connected both through train and also trails that you can hike to enjoy the views from above.  This is where pesto originated from, so pesto pizza is a famous lunch as well as the sea food that is served at every restaurant right next to the water. My personal favorite is the fourth town, Vernazza, which in 2011 was destroyed by a landslide but has recovered and provides an opportunity for people to sit near the boats or directly on the rocks in the water while having lunch. The beach in the fifth town, Monterosso al Mare, is a famous tourist destination and an awesome opportunity to chill out after a great hike!

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