How to Survive…a World without 4G LTE

By Nick Ranelle

Let’s face it, you’re studying abroad in Italy. Which is awesome. Your Instagram photos are going to get a ton of likes, you will change your profile picture at least six times and your tweets will get more favorites than ever. BUT how do you achieve all this without the ever trusty cellular data network of the good ole US of A. Wi-Fi is supposedly offered everywhere, but seldom works as well as it should. So, gear up for your lack of internet and stay calm with these helpful tips.

1. Stay Positive.  Yes, we all rely on our phones but its not the end of the world. You can still use your phone to take pictures along the way, then when you’ve entered a Wi-Fi hotspot, unleash the best of them on your Instagram to make sure people know where you are.

2.  Help Me I’m Lost.  Maps is my go-to when I’m lost in any city, or even around home. However, without data, preplan your maps while you are still in Wi-Fi that way you know where you’re headed before hand.

3. Let Me Get Right Back To You.  Let people know that you are traveling and don’t have the best cell phone service. That way when you return to your inbox, you don’t have a ton of angry messages asking why you aren’t friends anymore.

4. No…It Didn’t Just Vibrate.  If you keep your phone in your pocket, even if you aren’t in Wi-Fi, it’s not actually vibrating. ~~ Phantom Vibrations ~~

5. Queue.  Save Tweets and Facebook posts on your phone that way when you do finally get that thirst quenching internet, you can post away and not forget anything you wanted to mention.

A few days without Wi-Fi won’t be the end of the world. Hopefully these tips help you to manage life without 4G LTE.

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