Heading east in search of gold

Well guys, it’s February 15.  That means two things.  First, Valentine’s day is finally over.  Thank goodness.  Second, Spring Break is right around the corner and I know so many of you still haven’t decided what to do.  It’s hard to choose, but thankfully Bus2alps is here to swoop in and save the day.

The Eastern Loop with Bus2alps is by far the coolest way to spend your 10 day break. Hands down.  Budapest, Krakow, Prague, and Munich are four of the most underrated cities Europe has, and getting home and telling your friends you went to Budapest and Krakow for spring break is a whole lot cooler than saying you were in London.  Just my personal opinion.

One major factor for me in choosing the Eastern Loop is money.  Eastern Europe is cheap.  One Hungarian forint is equal to 0.004531 U.S. dollars.  In Euros, it’s 0.00344…in Budapest, you can eat for as little as 5 euro a day.  That’s unreal, and there is no where else in Europe where that is remotely possible- except maybe in Krakow.  One of our Bus2alps staff members was in Poland for Christmas and bought basically a new wardrobe for the equivalent of a hundred bucks.  We can do the same here in Florence right…haha.  Prague is incredibly cheap as well.  At the end of the Eastern Loop, you will have four currencies in your wallet.  How many of your friends can say that?!

Spend 10 days swimming in the thermal baths in Budapest, exploring the salt mines in Krakow, signing the John Lennon wall in Prague, and drinking at the dark beer festival in Munich.  Save your money and get more out of your break.  Head east, rather than west.    They will be 10 days you won’t forget, and you will spend them in the most fascinating places in Europe.

by Allison Baldwin

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