Fun in Firenze

by Michelle Campbell 

The second I arrived at the Tampa International Airport, the reality of leaving for the next fours months to live in Florence, Italy sunk in. My thoughts seemed to match the pounding of my heart, for everything was running through my mind at a rate of a thousand miles a minute. Images of Tuscan fields, rustic architecture, and European men flooded my field of vision. I swear I could already taste the fine Italian wine and the creamy gelato. Everything was hours within reach.

Saying farewell to my parents was hard, but knowing I was to spend that semester in one of the greatest cities in Europe seemed to dull the pain. I also knew that the next 24 hours were going to feel like an eternity, for my 2 friends and I were
about to embark on our lengthy journey to Florence.

But what I did not foresee was the experience that was to unfold during those months. Presently, I would say that the expectations I had accumulated before stepping foot on that plane out of Tampa are not worthy of the people, food, and works of art I encountered while abroad. My days were filled with scouring Florence and other foreign cities in Europe while the nights consisted of going to local pubs with friends and new acquaintances.

Between January 4th and April 19th I traveled to 8 different countries, 2 continents, and over 15 cities. Every moment was unforgettable. Follow my blog as I retell one of the best semesters of my life thus far.

Michelle Campbell is a student at Florida State University, and a Spring 2012 alumni of the Florida State in Florence program. Michelle will be reliving her individual travels and group travels with Bus2alps during her four months studying abroad. You can read more at her blog,

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