February 3rd weekend with Bus2alps

To kick off the month of February Bus2alps had two trips running this past weekend: Interlaken for the adrenaline junkies at heart and a day trip to Naples for those who appreciate the finer things in life…food!

This weekend over 200 students jumped on the bus to Interlaken for absolutely breathtaking skiing, night sledding, canyon jumping, sky diving and many other extreme activities! Friday morning we kicked things off with a party on the mountain at tipi bar! With burgers, beers and clear blue skies we could not ask for a better day in the Swiss alps! Besides the epic party, another popular topic of the weekend was the thrill of canyon jumping. Many were eager to swap pictures and videos and debate with the sky divers which one was more of a thrill. Canyon jumping consists of a 25 minute hike up the mountain with a group of 15 or so. The view during the walk up was incredible. Excitement and anxiety built as the jump was nearing. The nerves and adrenaline everyone felt was very evident. After taking the plunge everyone said it was the biggest thrill of their lives. Overall the weekend was phenomenal. Between partying on the mountain, outdoor activities and the metro bar at Balmer’s, students had an amazing time.

On the flipside, for our Rome students we held a day trip to Naples on Saturday. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to head down south. The sun was shining, the waves were breaking, and the spirits were high. There’s something about Naples that makes you feel at home.  First on the list of things to do was to eat at L’antica Pizzeria da Michele.  Let’s just say Bus2alps took over this tiny pizzeria. A group of 7, a group of 8, then 3 more, and in came another group of 7.  A fabulous way to start the day.  The pizza at L’antica Pizzeria da Michele is absolutely fantastic.  They only serve two types: pizza margherita, and pizza marinara.  Most opted for the margherita.  After a delicious meal, it was off to the shore for us!  The water was clear, and Mt. Vesuvius stood proud in the background.  The waves crashing onto the shore and the sun beating down made for a relaxing afternoon.  Castel dell’Ovo was climbed, gelato was slurped, and photos were taken.  It was a perfect day in this old port town.

To cap off an exciting weekend, Bus2alps celebrated the American institution of the Super Bowl, watching the Packers bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Bus2alps threw parties in all of our departing cities; Astor Cafe in Florence, On the Rox in Rome, George Payne’s in Barcelona, Belushi’s Bar in Prague, and the Amex Bar in Paris. It was an exciting game, and a fantastic way to end a great weekend traveling Europe.

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