Enjoy The Moment You’re Living In…

By Tena Elman

The inspiration one receives from travel is unlike any other. Sometimes it is hard for me to even fathom that I am actually in a specific city. Before I started traveling, when someone talked about Paris, I pictured the outline of France on a map and an Eiffel Tower where Paris is found. Now, when I hear Paris, I think of sitting on the steps near the Trocadero metro stop, watching the Eiffel Tower light up at 10:00 PM with my friends while sipping a bottle of wine. Traveling is a true “live in the moment” experience. You’re only there for a short time, and your pictures and memories are all you have once you leave. Why stop traveling once your semester abroad is over? We can help you continue to be inspired. Bus2alps offers summer trips for you and your friends to keep those memories going. Miss out on Paris and a few other cities you weren’t able to get to? Look no further… Take the Best of West Europe tour and don’t miss out again!

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