Easter Long Weekend

By Jillian Giannelli

As we wander through the cobble stone streets of Italy with our teeth chattering and our lips turning blue, we can’t help but daydream about the fabulous-ness to come that is Easter Long Weekend.  Bus2Alps knows exactly how you feel as we have been having the same fantasies.  Laying on the black sand beach in Positano, swimming in the crystal blue waters of Croatia, partying on the beach in Corfu, and prancing around Budapest and Vienna (it’s not that warm there but it’s just so cool that we don’t care)…OMG IT’S SO SOON!

Amalfi Coast is a must visit destination if you are studying in Italy.  After all, you decided to study abroad in Italy for a reason, right?  Check out the country you’re living in and get a tan while you’re at it.  Not only are we going to get tan, we are going to experience something totally different from what we have been getting up here in northern Italy.  The culture is different, the food is different, and we definitely don’t have beaches like that here in Flo.  We will cliff jump and cave swim in Positano, venture into the blue grotto, and hang out at Seven, one of the nicest hostels in Europe.  Definitely a weekend to remember!

If Amalfi isn’t tickling your fancy, perhaps you want to head to Croatia, the beach destination that is often forgotten by study abroad students.  The Dalmatian coast of Croatia is unlike anything you’ll ever see.  Picture the bluest water you’ve ever seen surrounded by beautiful mountains, pebble beaches, and a cute little city called Split.  We will go white water rafting down the Centina river, beach hop our way along the coast, enjoy a fabulous dinner in a town called Trogir, and best of all, go swimming in the Krka waterfalls.  Get ready for a new cover photo ladies and gents.

Perhaps you are just looking to party on the beach during your long weekend.  Come with us to The Pink Palace in Corfu for Greece Long Weekend!  After a day of ATVing around the island, we will throw on our pink togas and dance around for hours on end.  Then, we will hang out in a hot tub the size of a pool, and best of all, enjoy the best Greek for you’ll ever have.   And get this, dinners are included!

Maybe the beach isn’t your thing or perhaps just not bikini ready yet.  Whatever it is, Bus2alps is always there to give you lots of options.  Hence, Budapest & Vienna.  Take the path less traveled and make your way to Eastern Europe.  Budapest is guaranteed to be one of the most unique cities you’ve ever seen and Vienna is just absolutely beautiful.  Check out post-communist Europe, party with the best of ‘em in Budapest, take pictures in front on the beautiful castles, and then wind down at the opera in Austria.  Definitely a weekend you won’t regret.

Can’t spend Easter with family this year so what better way to spend it than with Bus2alps?

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