Day Trip to Venice.. Carnivale Style ~ 2/11/2012

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~ Cold seems to be that small word often used by an innocent child, who shivers on a cool autumn day. Cold will describe the feeling of someone’s feet, who needs to put a pair of socks on, or who’s hair slightly stands on the back of their necks. However the word is often used, it is still a complete, and utter understatement when referring to a masked charade, Carnivale party, in Venice, Italy, just yesterday.

~ Bitter as the day was, it still caught my undesirable attention.  We stepped off the bus after having been traveling again, with Bus2Alps travel group for about 3 hours, and were instantly surrounded by vendor stands. These vendors contained some of the most beautiful designed masks I have ever seen.  Now in case any of you had not known, Venice Carnivale is known for their unique style of different masks, and parading around the city in unique costumes. The masks look hand designed, with brightly colored faces, and glitter that you would only see painted on a doll’s face.  The other kids from the group instantly went nuts spending their euros on the most perfect mask, to blend in with the holiday, and faces around the city. I waited however, to let the perfect mask choose me, rather than the other way around.. as I often do.

~ The city of Venice itself was gorgeous, and although I would have desired it to have been even a few degrees warmer, and sunnier, I still gazed at it’s own unique beauty.  It was vastly different than Florence, in that the entire city was surrounded by water, which apparently is the city’s use of sewage system, since they do not have one.  That was probably one fact I could have lived without knowing, nevertheless it was what made the place unique in it’s own way. Operated 24 hours a day by water taxi, we spent most of the day bouncing from one area of the city to the next, even though the center of all the parading reserved in the area of San Marco.  Witnessing the parade was the overall highlight of the day, you could have sworn it was halloween in the States.  People were dressed and masked/painted from head to toe, in long bright clothing, and to me, they either resembled the Joker’s from a deck of playing cards, or people who came straight out of the 1700’s. I admired them for their time spent entertaining the people of the city, and showing off their way of living.  Anyways, as I stood watching the people come straight down the walkway in their fashionable apparel, I noticed a very shiny, combination of dark blue, and gold, painted mask, that just sorta popped out at me from one of the vendors.  It was long and sharp on one side of the mask, and had a bright blue flower glued to the other. First thought that came to my mind, I had to have it! The mask was the most gorgeous thing that I had seen, and I knew that tied to my face, it would right away give me that mysterious, intriguing look that would blend in around town.

~ Here’s to the reasons why I let my things choose me, versus choosing them. I like to blend my personality to match certain things.. usually to get the common “Oh that’s so you” comment from others, which makes me feel good, especially if I hadn’t necessarily chosen something for myself. There’s always an art in being picky.

~ Any how, to cut this semi-short, aside from the bitter wind and gloominess that casted the town, Venice was an experience, like everything else. The night ended with parties and loud music to dance to, and good friends to take pictures with. Got to try some of Venice’s famous fish, cannolis, and hot chocolate, to add warmth and get my blood flowing again, and return safely to the bus to head on back to Florence. A day worth having, is a day well spent, and maybe once it gets warmer out, I will return to the watery trenches of Venezia, but until then, I still enjoyed my time there, and got to appreciate the city’s beauty!

~ That’s pretty much it guys for this month, I’ll post random things here & there as you know until March. Thanks for reading, listening, and following. Arrivederci! 🙂

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