How to Properly Eat Your Way Through the Perugia Chocolate Festival

By Tori vanSambeck

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I have a huge sweet tooth. So naturally, I was in heaven when I discovered there was a chocolate festival in Perugia while I was studying abroad. A whole festival dedicated to my favorite food group. I wasn’t sure what I expected, but I definitely was not prepared for the variety of chocolate foods they had at the festival. So here is my guide to getting absolutely chocolate wasted at the Perugia Chocolate Festival:

Take Risks With Your Chocolate Tasting

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There was chocolate pasta, chocolate kebabs, hot chocolate, chocolate candies, chocolate everything you could possibly imagine. They even had shots of chocolate liquor that were served in shot glasses made of chocolate, bringing the term “chocolate wasted” to a whole new level and meaning. Some of the foods sounded just plain weird. I decided to try the chocolate ravioli and was amazed by how good it was. It was a chocolate pasta filled with creamy white chocolate and topped with a delicious dark chocolate sauce. The chocolate kebabs were amazing as well. instead of shaving meat into a flour tortilla, they shaved chocolate into a crepe and topped it with chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream.

Make Sure You Eat the Big Chocolate Brands Too

Every major chocolate brand was represented at the festival. Lindt, Kinder, Milke, etc. each had their own stand set up where they gave away a free chocolate gift when they stamped your chocolate card. Some of the stands gave out different samples of their chocolate while others got a little more creative and gave out chocolate puzzles or chocolate necklaces.

Get the chocolate shavings from the statue

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My friends and I had a great time exploring the festival and sampling everything. One of my favorite parts was where they had a giant block of chocolate set up in the middle of the street with a sculptor carving it into a statue. People crowded around the statue to get a baggie filled with the shavings that were carved off to take home with them. It was really fascinating to watch the block of chocolate being transformed into something new.

Take a look around Perugia

The festival ended up being a great day trip to get away from the craziness of our study abroad city and explore the beautiful town of Perugia and enjoy some delicious sweets. Explore around Perguia and see everything this historic city has to offer.

I’ve never seen anything like the Perugia Chocolate Festival before, and what could be better than a festival dedicated to chocolate in a charming little Italian town?

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