Bus2Alps Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

The summer is in full swing and so is Bus2alps with weekend adventures to the alps and the oceans, as well as nightly get-togethers around our city to get away from the heat.

Frozen cocktails were flowing at Bar Cinque in Rome where Danica, and friends decided to welcome a different kind of heat with a shot of what our favorite bartender, Romulo, calls a flaming salute. Speaking of Cinque – Pina coladas were flowing before heading down to the beach on Cinque Terre with a group of Florentines as well as some from Siena!  As usual, we chowed down at Friend’s in Rome with a 6 euro aperitivo which included B2A giveaways. Congrats to Nick for winning big with 50% off trip to Switzerland (much needed after looking at the forecast for the city) and Jenny for scoring some free Bus2alps swag! PS – If you’re looking for a “cool” place to go, the Ice bar in Rome is always an option for a subzero, -5 degrees Celsius, atmosphere that made everyone chill out.

The crew has been all over Europe this week with Grace spending time in Rome and then Croatia for the weekend and Becca on the Amalfi Coast. Even in Spain there is an escape from the warm temperatures with the Costa Brava day trip that went off with a bang and set the tone for the amazing summer day trips for the rest of the summer! Grace and Tiernan had a blast in Croatia and will never forget the long walk home Friday night with Tommy, Layna, Renee, and Clara or swimming in the waterfall basin at Krka National Park with the JMU crew. Becca, on the Amalfi Coast, had an amazing time as well and will always look back on her dinner at Leone Rosso with Mirabel, Claire, Meghan and remember the great conversation and amazing food. Duke LAX bros definitely had their share of fun in Amalfi with Tyler.

We wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been with us for the past few weeks and is heading home soon! Make sure to let everyone know how awesome your adventures have been with us! Round two comes in for the second half of the summer pretty soon. We’re revving up for the next few weeks! Get ready to get on the bus!

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