Bus2alps Bucket List Competition

Thought you were the only one with a Pinterest problem?  Well, you’re not!  The Bus2alps crew gets just as carried away with pinning everywhere we want to go, everything we want to see and all the food we want to try.  But, what’s more fun than your average Pinterest obsession?  Turning it into a friendly competition.  And that is why we are hosting the Bus2alps Bucket List competition!

Here are the rules:
-The title of your board must include the name of our competition – Bus2alps Bucket List
-Your board must have 15 pins of places you want to travel to this semester
-At least 2 destinations must be repinned from our sample board
-At least 2 pins must be created from photos or info taken from our blog, Facebook page, or our Twitter

How to get involved:
It’s easy!  You must post the link to your board onto our Facebook page.

How do you win:
We will narrow it down to 3 finalists based on total “Likes”.  The Bus2alps crew will take it from there and select the final winner.

When does it all begin:
The Bus2alps Bucket List contest will begin on Monday, September 10th and will conclude on Monday, September 24th.

The winner will be rewarded with a free weekend trip of your choice (excluding Oktoberfest).

Get pinning!

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