Bohemia Bagels- Prague’s Greatest Hidden Treasure

By Michelle LaPorte

You’ve heard about Old Town Square, you’ve been told you cannot miss the Prague Castle (AKA Hogwarts in real life), and you’ve seen every one of your friends who studied abroad cover photo of the John Lennon Wall, but my question is, have you heard of Bohemia Bagel?


I know what you’re thinking- how could a bagel shop possibly be this girl’s favorite spot in Prague? Trust me on this, after a few months abroad you’d do just about anything for a decent bagel (I know my fellow New Yorkers sympathize with me on this one) and this place is the tits.  It’s so good that I’ve taken the time to dedicate an entire blog post to it and I am an incredibly harsh bagel critic.

What’s so good about Bohemia Bagel? I’m about to tell you. Not only is it reasonably priced, which is a major concern for the broke college student, it has every type of bagel you could imagine, prepared any way you could imagine. Need breakfast? Awesome. Bohemia Bagels makes a bangin’ BEC (for all of you breakfast sandwich newbs, that stands for bacon, egg and cheese). Tired from your walking tour and need a big fat sandwich for some fuel? No problem. They have turkey sandwiches, Caprese sandwiches, BLTs, etc, and all on delicious, soft bagels. Even if you’re not a fan of bagels, Bohemia Bagel will still rock your socks off with their regular sandwich bread, wraps, salads, burgers, wings, pancakes, omelets- the list goes on and on. For all of you alcohol enthusiasts, they even serve beer, wine and cider. When I tell you I ate there for 4 of the 5 meals I ate while in Prague, that is not an exaggeration. My personal favorite is the tuna melt on a bagel and that means a lot since I’ve tasted half the items on the menu.

Me just hanging out, being a bagel.

So at this point you’re probably thinking Prague is a big city, I don’t speak Czech, nobody speaks Czech, how am I supposed to find this holy grail of bagel shops? Well that’s simple- there’s 3 of them and they’re all in pretty popular tourist areas. There’s one in Old Town, just around the corner from the square, which you will become very well acquainted with within your first 20 minutes in Prague.  There’s one right around the corner from the Saint Charles Bridge and the John Lennon Wall, where I know you’ve had plans to take a picture flashing a peace sign since you found out you were studying abroad. The newest addition to the wonderful little Bohemia Bagel family is right across from the Park Hotel, next to Stromovka park. Here is a link to their website if you’re interested in investigating further. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I would literally bet my life and soul on the fact that if you are to eat at this majestic establishment, you will absolutely love it. 

Remember that classic study abroad picture I mentioned above? Here's mine.

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