Beating the Heat

When I studied abroad in Florence, Italy two summers ago, the first thing that I learned in Italian was, “L’Italia è un forno” meaning Italy is an oven.  Let’s face it.  Italy in the summertime is hot.  The cities tend to be full of mosquitoes and heat rests on the shoulders of the city.  Don’t get me wrong- Italy in the summer is still a wonderful fairytale, but that does not mean that I did not look forward to escaping each weekend to somewhere a bit…cooler.

My friends and I hanging out at Lake Brienz in Interlaken

Interlaken, Switzerland in the summer is a dream.  Sunshine in the mountains during the day paired with cool mountain air at night make for the perfect weekend getaway.  Hiking in the alps will humble anyone.  Bus2alps has trips to Interlaken a few times each summer and it is not worth missing out on.  My weekend in Interlaken was one of the few times I actually felt cool air during my 12 week summer program.  Interlaken during the winter is amazing don’t get me wrong- but during the summer, it’s a mountain paradise.  I am down for canyon jumping, sky diving, any adventure really- as long as I can leave my snow pants at home.

Other than submerging my body in glacier water in the Swiss Alps, escaping to Croatia is a must to cool off.  While it is hot outside, it doesn’t feel so hot when you are swimming in the waterfalls at Krka National Park.

Right before we went swimming in the waterfalls
Right before we went swimming in the waterfalls
Chillin with the Yachts in Monaco

Rolling the dice in the air conditioned and incredibly famous Monte Carlo in Monaco will keep you cool.  Especially if you win some euros in the process.  The beaches of Nice are fabulous as you have probably heard, and the city was actually built to produce a summer breeze.  Like Italy, the south of France is very hot during the summer months, but the buildings are built high and close together to produce shade and a flow of cool air.  Ideal for any summer traveler.  The Bus2alps trip to the French Riviera has opportunities to scuba dive, sail, swim and suntan.

Really all I am trying to say is that Bus2alps is looking out for your best interest this summer.  We want you to stay cool, while still seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Don’t spend your summer sweating in Rome.  Escape to some of the coolest, most exotic destinations that Europe has to offer.

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