The Top Cities To Go To For Spring Break To Get A Tan Line

By Samantha Jacobs

It’s almost spring break, and you’re in Europe. You have a whole new continent and 10 days to explore it. Now what?

You flip open your laptop and start assessing your options. It doesn’t take long to realize that the number of possibilities before you are infinite, but your budget—yeah, not so much. Before you let that anxiety turn into a panic attack, slow down, breathe, and know that the whole Bus2alps team has been in your shoes before, and we’ve got you covered.

But it’s spring break, I want to do my own thing.

When you travel with Bus2alps, you get guides, not camp counselors. We’re here for you as much and as little as your heart desires. Our main priority (behind making sure that every single person on the bus arrives back just as healthy and thriving as when they left) is that you have an incredible time during one of the most monumental experiences you’ll ever have in life.

So keep an open mind and explore these dope spring break trips we’ve put together for you. Or keep googling—this article will still be here when you give up.

Barcelona, Seville, Lagos, Lisbon, and Madrid

Two countries on the Iberian Peninsula in one trip… That’s unheard of. Portugal and Spain are both homes to amazing architecture, intricate tiles, vibrant color, and laid-back, sunny vibes. The food alone is enough to get anyone’s attention—amazing tapas, paella, and seafood that will change your life. The first stop is Barcelona…beaches, incredible nightlife, brunch for days. You may be ready to move here by the end of your visit. 


Then, we hit Seville. Seville is just a stop on the way to Lagos but you’ll get to feast on a mouthwatering dinner during a Flamenco dance show.


Next, we hit Lagos: the end of the world (literally the edge of Europe). The beaches of Lagos are so pristine that you’ll never even glance at any pictures from your friend’s spring break back home. Everything about Lagos screams spring break: kayaking, surf camp, windsurfing, wakeboarding. The museums and historical sites in Lagos will pull you away from the sun because you’ll want to be able to take in the culture of this city. Oh, and once again, you’ve hit a stop with amazing nightlife.

IMG_1812Then, you’ll hit Lisbon: the capital of Portugal. Lisbon is the San Francisco of Europe and one of the most underrated spots that you’ll ever encounter.

Beaches in the States will never look the same after your feet have touched the sands of Carcavelos Beach. If you’re looking for views on spring break, you’ll want to climb the towers of Lisbon as well.

Last stop: Madrid. Once again, the architecture in this city will take your breath away—the Royal Palace, Teatro Real, and the Moorish ruins are all places you’ll be able to check off your list while here. Once again, you’ve hit a nightlife city that everyone wants to experience while you’re in Europe. The famous nightclub, El Kapital, lives up to its name and will make you want to stay in Madrid for the rest of the semester rather than heading back to another week of classes.


Each city we visit possesses culture and identity that is incredibly unique. This trip is for those of you that want a little bit of everything—you want to experience the beachy vibes associated with spring break but also explore famous cities with monumental landmarks. You get both and much, much more with this trip.

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