April Destinations with bus2alps


 Nice, France ” The French Riviera”



The playground of the rich & famous

Nice is the perfect location to use as a springboard for your French Riviera weekend. Visit  Nice, Eze, Monaco, Cannes and Antibes all in one weekend! This is truly one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world and an perfect coastal getaway  while you are here in Europe.  Medieval walled cities, superyachts, charming old towns and  celebrity sightings on the beach!

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  Prague, Czech Republic ” The Golden City”

Amazing fairytale architecture

Historic Prague is a favorite  in Europe! This amazing city has it all! ‘Little Mother Prague’, as the locals call The Czech capital,  has amazing architecture that survived almost unscathed through the 20th century and has recently been the benefactor of huge investments following the Velvet Revolution. Bars, restaurants, jazz clubs, huge nightclubs, taverns, beer gardens and beer halls serve some of the world’s best beers  at  great prices with truly  unique atmosphere!

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  Budapest, Hungary ” The Paris of the East”

Thermal springs and Hungarian baths

The Paris of the East, Budapest is divided by one of Europe’s great rivers, The Danube. Home to some of the most interesting history in Europe and the second home of the Hasburg Dynasty, the city sits on thermal springs that supply steaming hot water to some of the finest bathhouses in Europe. Amazing, imposing, and reminiscent to Prague 10 years ago, the Hungarian capital pack’s a punch and should be on everyone travel radar

Departure dates from Florence

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